We call it Call Center Services, but it’s so much more. In addition to providing telephone answering services, we also provide specialized services like consulting, internet support, personnel selection, order entry, email management, chat, outbound calling and help desk solutions but also complete image solution like web design and logotype. The reason we extend our services to the web is because some people prefer this method of communication over a telephone conversation.

Despite the popularity of online communication, customer service via telephone is still highly desired by the majority of people. People want to talk to real people with real solutions. Effective telephone support is what separates an exceptional company from an average one. That’s why callMe provides: • trained telecommunication team that provides solutions through personally answering and effectively managing incoming calls • state-of-the-art call processing technology • and an organized and efficient inbound call center

Let us help you reduce your operational costs and keep your customers happy. Whether you’re experiencing high call volumes or just want to upgrade your business with a professional call center, depend on callMe solutions for all your needs. Also consider our Help Desk Services for providing customers with accurate and relevant information related to your services.